Who we are ?

A lot of thinking over and manifold meetings with interested people led them to the decision to create a new movement, a completely independent service club.

The 8th of March 1966 took place the Constitutive meeting of the first club of the Fifty-One International, the club of Waterloo.

The 21st of October 1966 the Fifty-One International was officially born,
the first service club founded on the European continent.

The founding members wanted that from Waterloo starts an appeal to tolerance and brotherhood as well as a message of peace and human solidarity. The Fifty-One wished to become international because men of good will are to be found everywhere, friendship knows no frontiers.
Without considering philosophical, racial or political issues the Fifty-One International works towards a better understanding between men by helping them to know and appreciate each other more while serving a common cause.
Joining in the clubs the enthusiastic eagerness of the youngest members to the wise experience of the eldest, the Fifty-One International achieves within a strong friendship an enriching human experience and the highest moral values.
Support for youth, disabled and students is one of our constant concerns, both at club, district or Fifty-One International.
Since 2016, associated with children's rights, we strive to provide specific support to this fragile and vulnerable group.
His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium is Honorary Governor of Fifty-One International.